1. A new record of innovation for IBM

    In 2011, IBM was awarded 6,180 U.S. patents — the most in its history, and for the 19th year in a row, more than any other organization worldwide:2011 Patents

    IBM’s ongoing commitment to invention and innovation has helped it outpace all other information technology companies:

    Patent comparisons

    Today’s announcement includes a snapshot of four of the new patents awarded in the past year.

    Bernard Meyerson, vice president of Innovation at IBM Research and an IBM fellow, has noted these results in a blog post and believes that today’s announcement should serve as a wake up call for others — especially since the composition of the other nine companies making up the top ten has changed from prior years. 

    Meyerson’s post also outlines the four key steps that comprise the formula IBM uses to spur sustained innovation:

    • Tap into global talent pools
    • Collaborate across borders
    • Share resources and ideas
    • Improve science and math skills