1. 10:03 21st Jun 2012

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    Safety begins at home

    The world of social media — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (among others) — continues to expand rapidly. IBM recently surveyed nearly four thousand consumers in six countries and discovered that 59% of the respondents use social media regularly to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. 

    As we become more socially active online, a key question we need to consider is how to participate without compromising information that we’d prefer to keep private. And, the recent cyber attack on LinkedIn where private information of six and a half million of LinkedIn’s 150 million members was compromised underscores the need for vigilance and preparation.  While LinkedIn members were encouraged to change their passwords in the wake of the attack, the incident is a good example of why taking a number of sensible steps to protect your digital identify is both smart and imperative.  The infographic below offers seven steps to follow: 

    IBM has posted this infographic along with three others including ones on managing and protecting your digital identify and keeping your home computing environment secure on the Go Social. Stay Safe. Be Smart website.  This page also includes a short video that identifies the three types of cyber threats to avoid.

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